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Is Your AC Too Big For Your Space?

May 6

air conditioner installationLike anything else, size does matter even for your air conditioning system. It plays an important role in the cooling efficiency of your AC. Sometimes you end up with an oversized air conditioning unit because someone else installed it before you moved in or you simply made the wrong purchase and calculation. Now, having an air conditioner installation London, ON that is too big for your home may mean you could be paying more for less. 

Depending on how big or small your home is, you always need to find the right match for AC size. With a smaller AC, there could be trouble when it comes to performance because it has to work harder to cool a larger space than its capacity. On the other hand, your AC will have difficulties too when it’s too big for your home. 

Common Problems with an AC Too Big for Your Home


Wears Out Faster Than Usual

When a smaller AC needs to work harder in order to cool a huge space, it works exactly the same way when you have a big AC and a small space to begin with. When your AC is designed for a much bigger space, and you happen to have a small apartment unit, then it takes pretty quick to cool your space. While this may sound great, it can actually harm your air conditioner in the long run because it tends to shut itself off faster than usual. 

Now, when the unit power powers on and off repeatedly each day, the parts will suffer most. The AC will work extremely hard, which can also wear out its parts much quicker than normal. It turns out the air conditioner will need to be replaced fast because of wear and tear. 

Inability to Control Humidity

When the AC shuts off faster than usual, this will often lead to a lot of problems along the way. When the air conditioning system is shut off, it cannot provide you with optimal humidity and temperature control. Humidity is controlled is essential to maintain good indoor air quality and prevent any development of molds in your home. 

Noisier Than Usual

While huge air conditioner can produce some noise when running, especially when it’s getting a bit old, it should not be too loud or disturbing. Going for a more compact and smaller AC can work wonders, especially if you have a small space. These smaller units are actually more convenient and quieter than the large ones. These are also great space-savers! 

If your AC is louder than usual then perhaps it could be too big for your space. While having a large AC can cool your home quickly, it can dampen its performance real quick too. It can overwork and exhaust itself completely, leading to deterioration of functions and performance. It can also produce an intolerable noise. If you happen to have an old and worn-out AC, then it’s best to replace it with a smaller unit to ensure longer service life. 

Ready to Upgrade?

If you are constantly experiencing problems with your air conditioning unit because it’s too big for your space and it shows low performance and functionality, then it might be time to replace it with a smaller AC that does the job better than your current AC can. 

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