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5 Things To Check When Your Furnace Needs Repairs

May 6

furnace repairRepairs can be costly if your furnace constantly needs them. Though furnaces are designed to last up to many years, their components and parts may be vulnerable, and therefore, these would need repairs every now and then. Knowing what to check before you do some furnace repair Newburyport, MA, is a must before your furnace breaks down this winter season. So, what are these things?

Newburyport's winter can go cold-streak and should not be taken lightly. Say you're now in the middle of the winter, and your furnace suddenly broke down. Before you know it, the cold air outside enters your house. 

And now you're left with a broken furnace and cold air, and you think you need to do some checking before calling your HVAC service provider. To help you, we've compiled five things that are likely the problem to check.


Your thermostat is essential to your furnace. It's the reason your furnace can detect the cold environment in your house, and also the reason it can determine the heat it provides is enough. 

Without your thermostat, your furnace will either run continuously or won't run at all. The thermostat can have three problems: miscalibration, out of battery, and short-circuit. Check these three first, as thermostats are the most common culprits for furnace failures.


Filters are the gatekeepers of your furnace. It keeps the dust, bacteria, viruses, dander, and many more from entering your home. Most filters are expected to last only three months before they totally clog, and it may have collected a thick layer of dust and dirt at that time. Check if your filters have lots of dust on them, and it would be better to replace them with something new. Clogged filters can overheat your furnace, so be sure to have them checked.

Air Ducts

Air ducts are the air passage between the furnace and your rooms. It's where the air travels, so what comes with your air will normally accumulate inside your air ducts. Check if your air ducts are not blocked by something like plants, posters, papers, or towels. Also, keep your air ducts clean since unclean air ducts easily lead to clogged filters.

Power Switch

The power switch of your furnace allows it to come to life. Though this may sound like a no-brainer, checking it should be done. Check to see if your furnace's power switch is turned on. Also, check if your power switch is still working or malfunctioning. If your power switch is working properly, but your furnace still won't kickstart, the best thing to do is call for a furnace repair in Newburyport, MA.

Power and Gas Supply

Power and gas supply is the lifeblood of your furnace. Without the two, your furnace simply can't turn on and produce heat. Try checking the panel board and electrical wires that are connected to your furnace for cuts and short circuits. Check your gas supply, too, and see if you still have some gas.

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