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Top 6 Causes of Your Air Conditioner Not Working

Apr 20

Like all electrical appliances, air conditioners need regular checking and tune-up. Because it is used regularly through the years, your air conditioner may have problems regarding its drains, sensors, filters, and internal wires and circuits.


It’s easy to make a phone call when something feels wrong about your air conditioner, but it’s also essential to look at the reason behind this problem. Learn more about the most frequent reasons why your air conditioner is malfunctioning. 


Water Leak

If you have a problem on AC maintenance Sand Springs, OK especially if you see water leaking from your air conditioner, chances are it's maintenance is overdue! This is because the drain inside it gets clogged due to algae and fungi. 


You might also want to check if there are holes and breaks within it. This scenario often leads to higher bills because your air conditioner works harder. 


Frozen Evaporator Coil

A frozen evaporator coil often leads to your air conditioner not cooling off properly. It’s important to look at the coil’s conditions because there might be accumulated dirt and debris inside.


As a result, you might experience insufficient airflow, low coolant levels, and blower motor problems because your coil is encased in ice


Malfunctioning Thermostat

One of the common problems in AC maintenance Sand Springs, OK is due to a faulty thermostat. If you feel that your air conditioner is short-cycling and your space feels warmer than usual, it’s most likely that you have a faulty thermostat.


In old dial-type thermostats, chances are you get a faulty air conditioner because the thermostat is incorrectly calibrated. 


Loose screws and wires can also affect how your air conditioner functions. You might also want to check if there is a build-up of dust, debris, and corrosion or the batteries inside are dead. 


Fan Failure


Usually, there is a fan in your outdoor unit that transfers and expels the absorbed heat outside the building, and there is another fan that blows indoor air over your air conditioner's evaporator coil to cool the air. 


It’s important to check if these fans perform efficiently, because this might pose problems like inefficient heat transfer and poor airflow. You might take a look if there are faulty motors and wires, not enough lubrication, or excessive build up of dirt and debris. 


Continuing to neglect this problem on AC maintenance Sand Springs, OK will cause internal damage to your compressor, which leads to the replacement of your air conditioner.


Drainage Problems

Your drained pipeline might be due to the build up of dust, dirt, debris, algae, fungi, and mildew. Getting your pan or pipeline clogged or full might cause water to back up and damage not only your system but also your walls, ceilings, and furnishings. 


For issues about AC maintenance Sand Springs, OK, it’s better to have regular maintenance, clean up, and inspection of this so your air conditioner continues to function well. 


Refrigerant Leaks

If you think your air conditioner is not cooling your home as it should, then there might be a problem with the refrigerant. This substance helps in the heat absorption process of your AC, and when there's a leak, cooling becomes less effective. 


Not only does this affect the efficiency of your air conditioner, but it also causes damage to the environment. If you think you have a refrigerant leak, call for professional help immediately.


Time to Call an HVAC Technician!

Although doing the repairs on your own can save you money and time, you do not have the full guarantee that your repairs will go long term. Instead, it’s better to leave this problem to the hands of the best AC maintenance Sand Springs, OK.


For all your air conditioning problems, it’s time to call the experts at Air Solutions. Contact them and schedule an appointment today!