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6 Common Reasons Your AC Needs Repair

Apr 20

During winter, having a working heating system is essential in order to live comfortably and survive through it. However, there would be instances wherein your heating system won’t be working when needed.


When that happens, having a reliable AC repair Sand Springs, OK would be the best solution to that specific problem. 


Majority of the time your heating system experiences hiccups in performance when certain parts and components fail to perform at their best. No one has checked and so your system had to bear them for a while until you noticed the change and asked for help. Some of those malfunctions could be one or more of the following listed below:


Issues with the Thermostat

One of the common malfunctions that happen within a heating system, this means that the thermostat unit inside failed to ignite due to the former being either faulty or damaged. A system check up would be necessary if this caused your heating system not to work.


You may still try to do simple troubleshooting on your end by setting it up to heat, using correct and fresh batteries, and having the correct temperature beforehand. However, if those steps didn’t work, then you must contact an expert in AC repair Sand Springs, OK.


No Gas Line Connection

Aside from checking the system’s thermostat, you must also check if it is receiving a proper gas line connection. Do make sure to check this part before calling a service that offers quality AC repair.


Make sure that the said connection is fully operational and isn’t interrupted by anything, as any form of disruption will surely cause an issue with the proper amount of fuel needed for its task. However, if there is a gas leak within the connection itself, immediately call an HVAC professional to fix the said issue.


Dirty and Uncleaned Air Filters

Another place to check when your heater is acting up is the air filters installed inside of it. The heating process won’t start without sufficient airflow coming from outside if the filters are dirty and haven’t been cleaned for a while. Keeping those parts clean and/or fresh will help your heating system to work less while still providing enough heat.


Doing a quick cleanup of those parts will most likely solve the issue. However, if cleaning didn’t work, replacing the filters should do the trick.


Faulty or Damaged Ignition Source

In current models of heaters, there are usually two forms of ignition, namely pilot light and electric ignition respectively. You will know if either one is broken when you hear several clicks when trying to turn on the heating feature of your unit.


Problems with the Blower

The blower is what circulates the air inside your home. If it isn’t working, then the heat produced by the furnace won’t be distributed evenly. This will result in uneven heating and can cause some parts of your home to be too hot or too cold.


If you think that the problem lies with the blower, then it is best to call a professional for help. Trying to fix it on your own might make the problem worse and could even lead to injuries.

Issues with Power Source

The last fault that could have caused your heater to not work might be the power source it is connected to. Without proper electric connections, most heaters and furnaces (especially electric ones) simply won’t work.


Additionally, checking your home’s breaker is crucial when it comes to dealing with power sources, making sure it isn’t tripped.


Who to Call for Expert AC Repair


If you are experiencing those mentioned issues with your heater or furnace, it is then the best time to call for an HVAC-certified technician to fix those. You should contact an expert that is suited for AC repair Sand Springs, OK.


That expert would be Air Solutions, one of the premier AC repair Sand Springs, OK which you can directly contact through their official website.