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Complete Overview On Furnace Installation

Mar 29

Most homeowners think that HVAC equipment works like a refrigerator or microwave: you plug it in, and it works. False! Furnace installation is complicated. There are specific requirements for each HVAC system depending on the home into which it will be installed. To do this accurately, special tools and training are required.

But you don't have to become a professional furnace installer to know how the process goes. That's what this blog is for. It will give you a closer look at how the furnace installation Phoenix, AZ process works. 


Reliable HVAC installers typically begin by reviewing the details of the equipment before doing furnace installation Phoenix, AZ

Next, floor coverings will be laid down where the team will be traveling to protect your home. They will prepare the area surrounding the furnace to ensure everyone's safety. The team will shut off any electrical breakers that run to the furnace that will in turn, shut off fuel or gas lines. The area will also be checked for hazardous materials.

Taking Out the Old Equipment

The installation team will be disconnecting any electrical wiring, venting, ductwork, gas lines, and anything else that's tied physically to the main unit. They will then clean the space underneath the unit and the entry points to the ductwork. It's not a full ductwork cleaning but it can significantly improve the health of your system.

The evaporator coil (for the air conditioning side) will also be cleaned. It may likewise be necessary to alter the area if the new equipment's size and orientation require doing so.

Installation of New Furnace 

It's all about the airflow. If that isn't handled properly during furnace installation Phoenix, AZ, the project will fall short. As the new unit is installed, it needs to be structured accordingly with the plenum, the flue lining, and the electrical wiring so they work together seamlessly.

Installers will use electrical tools, possibly woodworking tools, and certainly sheet metal tools. There will be cutting, bending, or folding of metals involved in creating the optimal airflow. It's a delicate process.

 Reconnecting and Sealing

The next step to furnace installation Phoenix, AZ is sealing the unit and reconnecting all lines. A caulk gun is used here. Electrical and fuel lines are connected as well. It may also be necessary to run additional wiring. Although rare, they might need to install a new breaker in which a licensed electrician is required. 

Commissioning HVAC Equipment

The contractor will run and test the new unit. This can take up to an hour and involves dozens of calculations.

Cleanup and Review

Here the installers review everything with the homeowner. They will teach you how to replace the furnace filter by yourself. And if new functionality has been added, they should review it with you as well and ask if you have any more questions.


Set reminders for replacing your filter so that it doesn't become clogged, which can be extremely harmful to your furnace. You should also schedule a reminder to speak with your HVAC company one year after furnace installation Phoenix, AZ to schedule maintenance.

Ready to Get Your New Furnace Installed?

A thorough furnace installation Phoenix, AZ is vital for the safety, health, and comfort of your new heating system. But even more important is finding a reliable HVAC partner like Mountainside Air Conditioning and Heating that goes the extra mile to make sure every step is done correctly, without cutting corners to save time or money.

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