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Top Considerations Before Buying a New Furnace For Your Home

Mar 18

furnace replacementIt almost makes common sense for homeowners to learn about furnaces. It is an important investment, after all. So if you're planning to get furnace replacement in Heber Springs, AR or even just researching the possibilities of your current unit and need some guidance, here are a few tips that will help keep the process a little easier.

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Asses the Age of Your Furnace First

It would be wiser to evaluate your furnace's age before spending money on furnace replacement in Heber Springs, AR. To know how old your system is, turn it off and remove the covering on its exterior.

From there, you'll see either a serial number or manufacturer date. Take a look at the serial numbers' first four digits. The third and fourth number stands for the year the system is made, and the second one is the week of that manufactured year.

If you are quite unsure about this, asking for professional assistance would be the best thing to do.

Determine the Type of Fuel Source Needed & Available in Your Area

Furnaces use either gas or oil fuel to run. Choosing the system that uses the right fuel type is essential for energy-saving matters. Weigh your options and determine the pros and cons of each before making furnace replacements in Heber Springs, AR.

If you're unsure which one to choose, then contact the trusted local heating contractor for expert assistance.

Consider Investing In a New Thermostat

If you're still using a traditional thermostat, it is worth considering an upgrade as part of a furnace replacement in Heber Springs, AR. Investing in a programmable or smart thermostat can optimize your system's efficiency. You can get multiple benefits, including better system performance, convenient temperature setting, lower heating costs, and improved comfort.

Consider a Zoned System

Consider investing in a zoning system when your multi-level home's temperature tends to fluctuate, or your family members always argue with the right temperature setting. Make the most out of your new furnace's performance with a zoning system.

With zoned heating, you can freely set different temperatures in each area and enjoy quality comfort throughout the winter. 

Get a Furnace Maintenance

A furnace is an appliance that uses combustion to generate heat. Most furnaces are built right into the home, while some are separate structures that use their own power sources to keep homes warm.

For new systems, it's important to have furnace maintenance at least once every one or two years for your family to stay safe while maintaining the system's quality. So this makes sense to include a maintenance service when needing furnace replacement in Heber Springs, AR. It will protect your equipment and even keep your utility costs low for years.

Contact a Trusted Heating Contractor!

This tip will definitely be your best option if you want a professionally installed system in your home. With the experts, you can get guidance and dependable services, from in-home inspection, estimate, system sizing, and actual furnace replacement in Heber Springs, AR.

Make sure the contractor you are calling is licensed and industry-certified. Ask as many questions as you can before signing the contract. Also, read online feedbacks to know how the company handles their previous customers and their needs.

Ask for Professional Assistance For Your Furnace Replacement Needs


Buying a new furnace can be very overwhelming. Besides the fact that it's hard to install, investing in new equipment is also expensive—and it can take a toll on your budget when you pick the wrong system.

That's why it's always recommended to talk to the experts for a professional estimate and furnace replacement in Heber Springs, AR. When you need help, Julian Heat & Air is the name you can trust.

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