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Feb 10


Cleaning air ducts is a vital service in any closed area, such as an office building and shopping center. This is even more true for places like hotels. People are spending a lot of time in these spaces, not just passing through.

First, Indoor Air Quality

Indoor water quality describes the air inside a closed space and how fresh it feels. Indoor air quality can become unhealthy if places are not properly cleaned, or have contamination issues (more will be followed). You will also notice a difference in the indoor air quality of most places.

Many factors influence indoor air quality. First and foremost, the location of the air and its cleanliness. Huge HVAC systems are used to supply most of the air in most offices and hotels. They have filters! Well, yes. But no. No.

Other factors include the HVAC systems' state, smoking (if possible inside), pets (less likely in most instances), dusty carpets/rugs that haven't been cleaned in a long time (they are vacuumed every day but it is not enough in the end), and renovations or remodel which pollute any building's air.


Respect Your Guests. Give Them a Clean Place to Sleep.

A clean hotel will naturally draw more guests. Because clients have so much power, it is crucial that the hotel be maintained. A clean hotel will attract more guests. A guest will not appreciate the hotel's luxury and amenities if they aren’t clean.


Respect Employees, Provide a Clean Work Environment!

Commercial buildings must also clean their air-ducts, just like residential areas. Fresh air can be beneficial for everyone. If you are an employer, it is crucial to ensure that employees are healthy. It is important to avail of commercial air duct cleaning services in a timely manner. Indoor air quality has a direct impact on productivity and the health of your workers. People will not work as hard if their environment is polluted. Your hotel ducts should be cleaned in order to have a productive working environment.


Columbus Airduct Cleaner for Hotel Air Duct Cleaning

Ductless Duct is able to offer top-quality commercial air duct cleaning. Hire our team of professionals to clean your air ducts. Our cleaners will clean your air ducts without causing any damage. Our team cleans your entire area at a cost that is minimal and to your satisfaction. Because safety is paramount, our team uses the latest commercial cleaning technology. We will provide you with reliable solutions. Call us today to book an appointment.

Keep your hotel clean from top to bottom

Columbus Airduct Cleaning can provide a wide range of services for commercial clients. We are specialized in hotels and office spaces. We will begin by cleaning your hotel's HVAC and air ducts. Then we will clean out all public areas.

After the cleaning, it is a good idea to have your cushions and upholstery cleaned. Although you may have dedicated staff cleaning your hotel every day, it is still important to use a hot water extraction commercial machine to deep clean the hotel. The deep cleaning will remove any stains, human remains, or other substances that may have been stuck to the mattress or upholstery.

Last, but not least: you need to clean the carpets at your hotel. Carpets that are frequently walked on often can lose their freshness, as well as look duller and more prone to allergens. Professional cleaning can make them healthier and look better for customers. In management terms, professional rug cleaning is a great way to save your carpet and keep it looking good for a long time.


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