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Feb 7

Since 1983, J.F.D. has specialized in producing high-quality heat transfer equipment. Our ability to produce high-quality tube bundles, heat exchangers, coils, and other heat transfer equipment is something they take pleasure in. They've helped over 25,000 clients get their equipment back up and running because to their exceptional standard ship times, fast option availability, and cheap costs. JFD Tube Coil Products can assist you whether you need a straight replacement tube bundle or a completely designed heat exchanger. Take a look at their product ranges to discover how they may help you.

  • Coils Fin Coils
  • Tube Bundles
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Tube Bundles
  • Repair and retube
  • Tanks & Pressure Vessels Pipe & Tube Bends
  • Barrels for chilling


Capabilities in Engineering and Production

Custom tube bundles, heat exchangers, and other heat transfer products may be designed, built, and performance standards obtained with the expertise of J.F.D.'s technical department. Their design skills include everything from modest 14" coils to 60" nominal heat exchangers. They have top-of-the-line machinery for bending, drilling, milling, welding, and testing in their 15,000 square foot production facility. J.F.D.'s production capabilities are almost endless, thanks to their 21-man production staff, which has hundreds of years of combined expertise.


Additional Functions

With our Section VIII, Division I "U," "UM" stamps, Section I "S" Stamp, and Section IV "H" Stamp, J.F.D. is A.S.M.E. certified. They also have our NBIC "R" mark, which allows them to repair, retube, rebuild, or change ASME code vessels. Your heat exchangers, tube bundles, coils, and tanks can be A.S.M.E. stamped and National Board Registered.