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How do you prepare for the installation of split air conditioners?

Feb 5


When you've purchased the air conditioner, the next most important thing to plan for is the split air conditioner installation procedure.


While the professionals will handle the split air conditioning system installation in Mesa az, you still should consider certain aspects to maximize the value of your unit and make the split aircon installation process run smoothly.


There are many factors to consider when installing split air conditioners.

If you are a business or homeowner you play a crucial responsibility in preparing your property for split air conditioner installation by ticking these points off your checklist.


The Placement of Indoor and Outdoor Units

It's important to decide the best place to put the outdoor and indoor units prior to the split air conditioner installation technician from Arizona arrives at your home. The indoor unit should be located where the air can be distributed thoroughly and with no obstacles. It should also be wall placed at least 8-10 feet from the floor, but still accessible for easy cleaning and maintenance. Everest Air LLC recommends that the split air conditioner be positioned over the bed to get maximum cooling. To make the look cohesive, the split aircon should be installed above the window.


For outdoor units it is best to install the split air conditioner installed in an open area like the terrace where air can flow freely over the condenser and compressor. If this isn't an option you can choose an exterior wall that is sturdy enough to hold the outdoor unit securely and still facilitate adequate airflow.


The Wall's Strength

One of the most crucial things to take note before split air conditioner installation is the quality of the wall upon which it will be mounted. You are aware of your Mesa home more than any Mesa HVAC contractor so make sure you choose a strong wall to support your unit indoors. Do not attempt a split-aircon installation on uneven or false walls in order to avoid any accidents. You'll be more secure and also save money if make it right.


The Space Between the Wall and the Air Conditioner

During split air conditioner installation Be aware of the distance between the unit and the wall. Ideally, there should be at least 15 centimeters between the sides and top of the unit to facilitate the proper flow of air. Similar principles must be followed for outdoor units split air conditioners.


The Distance Between Indoor and Outdoor Units

If you want to maximize the cooling capabilities of your air conditioner then you must take note of the proper distance between outdoor and indoor units during split air conditioner installation. In order to allow coolant to flow faster make sure to keep the distance between them as close as possible. The outdoor and indoor units should not be separated by more than 15 meters or cooling will be greatly affected.

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