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Zoning Systems Give Homes Optimal Comfort and Energy Savings

Dec 6

Are you looking for a better way to manage the indoor comfort in your home? Or you’re simply searching for a solution to efficiently heat the entire building in your own way? If YES, then a zoning system is all you need for residential heating installation in Llano, CA


Read this post to understand what a zoning system is and what benefits it can offer in your home.

What is a Zoning System?


A zoning HVAC system is a building's mechanical ventilation and heating system that is divided into separate zones. Each zone is controlled by a variable-speed fan coil unit (FCU) or air handling unit (AHU), which provides heated air to the space, independent of other zones. This allows for multiple temperature set-points in the same zone without any interference from another zone.

The FCU/AHU can be activated during occupied hours and deactivated during unoccupied hours—or it may simply operate on an occupied/unoccupied cycle to keep the temperature consistent while people are at work or away. If part of a home has lower occupancy than others, such space would probably not need their own full-sized FCU/AHU.

Instead of supplying this space with heated air from another zone, it can be supplied by the building's main HVAC system. However, the temperature set-point may not be ideal for that particular space. To accommodate both of these conditions (lower occupancy and different required temperatures), zoning allows each room to have its own fan coil unit so the appropriate ventilation rate and temperature set-points are achieved without wasting energy.

Benefits of Zoning System in Your OKC Home


Residential heating installation in Llano, CA with zoning system gives you these amazing benefits:

Big Energy Savings 

A zoning system can help your heating system run more efficiently as it lets you determine the rooms that need less or more heat. This way, you don’t have to heat the rooms that are less occupied, helping you conserve more energy.

Optimum Comfort

Your family members would not always agree with the temperature in your home. While some want to lower the heat, others may prefer it a bit hotter. With zoning systems, all occupants can make some necessary changes to meet their temperature preferences.

Flexible Temperature Control

With zoning systems, you can have greater flexibility to make the temperature work in different zones in the house. For instance, you can turn down the heat in the basement if it’s not in use or in the kitchen while cooking. You simply don’t need to program the whole house to stay at a single temperature. Ask your contractor when you need this residential heating installation in Llano, CA.

Extended HVAC Lifespan

Your HVAC system will only have to focus on certain zones to heat—and not on the entire house. With less stress, your comfort equipment will more likely last longer than it would have to.

Want to Install a Zoning System in Your Llano, CA Home?

Zoning is a system used to control the temperature in each area of the house. With this method, homeowners don’t need to heat the entire space using the same temperature setting. Instead, they can adjust their preferred level of heat with the help of a thermostat installed in each zone.  Simply put, a zoning system divides the house into two or more zones and heats each area using different temperature settings.


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