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Air Conditioner Issues and How To Fix Them

Dec 1

Air Conditioner Issues and How To Fix Them

Air conditioners require regular maintenance in order to function at their best. It's those air conditioners that aren’t well maintained that have the most problems.


It doesn't mean you have to lose your cool because your air conditioner stops working. Our team enlisted the help and expertise of Consumer Reports engineers and air conditioning experts to find the most common problems with central and window AC units. Eight problems were identified. Find our recommendations for the top air conditioners for small, medium, and large rooms.


These are the eight questions that you need to ask to ensure your air conditioner is running at its peak. The number one issue. The No. 1 problem, it turns out affects both central air conditioning systems and window units. It's also the easiest issue to fix.


1. Is the filter blocked?

The filter in your air conditioner can block airflow. This affects efficiency and the ability of the unit to cool the air. Clean your portable air conditioner or window filter frequently. You can find out the manufacturer's recommendations for when to replace your central air conditioning filter. In CR's tests, HVAC filters (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), lasted from three to twelve months.


It is important to remember that central air systems that are constantly on will require more frequent filter replacements. Stewart Unsdorfer, the owner of Central Heating & Air Conditioning Cleveland, said that 99% of all calls regarding central air systems failing are due to a dirty filter.


2. Is it getting too hot inside?

It will work harder to cool your room when it is close to a window that gets direct sun during the day. If possible, move the air conditioner to a cooler location. You can also keep the sun off of your home by keeping your shades and drapes closed during the day.


3. Is there warm air leaking into the room?

Make sure you check the seals around your window air conditioner for any leakage. You can seal the area around your unit using weather stripping if necessary.


Chris Regan, senior air conditioner tester for CR says that new window units are equipped with insulating panels. These panels can be attached to the plastic side panels. To ensure maximum efficiency, you will still need weather stripping to cover the unit's exterior. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation and safety hardware.


4. Does your window conditioner vibrate?

Air conditioners make a lot of noise due to the fan buzz and the compressor moving on and off. It's possible your unit is not working properly if it vibrates. You should ensure that the unit is securely in the window. Next, read the instructions in the owner's manual carefully to ensure you haven't missed anything.

5. Is the thermostat at the correct temperature? The thermostat can be programmed or smart to adjust the temperature so it's comfortable when you're at home, and slightly warmer when you're away. It's important to ensure that the thermostat is not in direct sunlight as this can cause the thermostat to display an incorrect temperature.


6. Are registers dirty, clogged, or blocked? You should vacuum your registers if you have forced air heating and cooling. This will eliminate dust accumulation. Check that no objects or furniture is obstructing airflow through the registers.


7. Is the compressor clogged with plants? For outdoor central air compressors to work well, they need adequate airflow. A 5-foot distance should be allowed between the top of your unit and any trees over it.


8. Did you have your annual physical examination last year? If you have any concerns about your HVAC system, a professional HVAC inspection can help to identify them before they become more serious and make you feel uncomfortable and hot. The expert will inspect every moving part and check the refrigerant. If necessary, they can also refresh the system.


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